Main Screen



CropMaster is an iPod/iPhone app for determining which crop is the most profitable to plant.

The main screen shows the current best choice for planting at the top. 

Below this is the section where you enter player-specific information that determines which crops are best for you.

At the bottom is an additional section that helps you determine when the crops you have already planted will be ready, and will also let you enter information for temporary crops that appear for a limited time.

You can click on any item for more information.


Farmville® is an Abobe Flash® based game published by Zynga®.  CropMaster© is an aid for playing FarmVille and does not interact in any way with the game, online or otherwise.  CropMaster is simply a highly-specific calculator used to help FarmVille players filter and combine multiple variables into a single simple choice for planting their crops in FarmVille.  CropMaster does not require an internet connection, and in no way is affiliated with Zynga or FarmVIlle.  All crop names and crop data are copyrighted by and property of  Zynga®.